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Features and Benefits:

•Flexible PVC Tubing!



• Just bend the flexible tubing to
correct for misalignment

• Eliminates the need for overflow plate screws
• 24 in. of tubing that can be cut to fit


• Available in Multiple Common Finishes

• Avaialble in PushPull®, Lift & Turn,
PresFlo® and Foot Actuated configurations

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Simple Installation!

NOTE: The Overflow end of the Flex tubing iS factory-welded. The Tee end of the Flex tubing is designed to be cut and fit in the field using standard PVC-joining techniques.

Step 1
Cut the 1 1/2 in. Schedule 40 pipe (Item 5) and the 1 1/2 in. flexible tubing (Item 7) to the desired lengths to fit the tub. Allow for extra tubing, if necessary, to compensate for misalignment (Figure 1).

Step 2
Using the proper solvent cement, assemble the bath drain pipe and fittings (Items 4 - 7).

Step 3
Place foam gasket (Item 9) onto the overflow elbow (Item 8).

Step 4
Insert overflow elbow and foam gasket assembly into the tub overflow hole from the back of the tub. (Figure 2).

Step 5
Screw on retainer nut (Item 10) from inside of tub. Hand tighten only (Figure 3). Then Snap on the overflow plate (Item 11) with the slot facing downward. Remove “Orange” Test Membrane.

Step 6
Secure drain elbow (Item 4) and drain flange gasket (Item 3) under the tub by screwing in the strainer body (Item 2) through the tub drain hole from inside the bathtub (Figure 4).

Step 7
Install the bathtub stopper into the strainer body (Item 1) (Figure 5).

CARE OF PRODUCT FINISH: Do not use abrasive or caustic cleaning agents, as they may discolor or permanently damage the finish of the product. Cleaning should be done using warm soapy water, applied with a clean soft cloth and dried with a clean soft cloth. DO NOT USE OIL-BASED PUTTY PRODUCTS: Watco does not recommend and does not warranty this product when oil/petroleum based plumber’s putty is used when installing this product.

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